Fun Fact: Harry Truman dropped a nuke on Japan, a country that was already defeated, just to show Russia (their ‘allies’) that they could and would. An early strike in the Cold War. It was like staring into my black white soul. I so keenly felt my connection to America’s […]

20th Century US History Has Broken Me

Firstly, there’s fucking fuckloads of us. Surely one of the most crowded markets in human history. Playing music isn’t altruism, giving people music isn’t a gift, and being capable of writing / performing great music isn’t unique. It’s certainly not a reason to believe we have a weird monopoly on […]

Musicians Are Not Special

It’s an odd thing to have to spend so much time thinking about. What am I, what are we, on paper, distilled absolutely. Trying to slice bits off the edges until we end up with a usable brand. I just want it to be honest. I’ve been looking at it […]

Marketing Yourself Makes You a Crazy Person

Up at 4.30 Friday morning, very excited about our first international sojourn. We met at my place, buzzing and trying not to wake up the rest of the house. Driving to the airport, rife with paranoia that we forgot something important. A terrible airport pizza and a quick chat to […]


Probably only suitable for music nerds. Part 2: Young Adulthood Talking Heads This band’s music has walked beside me for everything I’ve done. Additionally, I’ve got a big producer crush on Brian Eno, who did three of their best. Eno’s Remain In Light (1980), Fear of Music (1979) and the […]

The 10 Bands / Artists that Showed Me What’s What ...

I am a dirt farmer I am a feral animal I am the robot martyr grey running out of control A blink already over I’m pre-decomposed I am a pointless failure or at best a pointless success It’s been a long hot cold fever dream now I stumble stupid into […]

Dirt Farmer

Every man? in his pocket? a bullet? with his name printed on it? and on his movements? it changes shape? darling you try? to get to sleep now Now we’re paralysed ?right in the middle? now we’re paralysed Tiny strands ?hang from your actions? ’til what you are? is just […]


You and I are? a crazy railroad ?hurtling? covered in a strange dirt? your awful brain ?synapse collapsing ?you are an idiot ?and so am I Each of us? your hand in my back? my hand in your back? we keep on walking One man or? the other? one man […]

One Man or the Other

Dark matter runs in my veins? everything gets further away ?real truth is an abstraction ?death is a strange future ?tiny black-holes steal my moods ?some memories live in my bones ?everything gets further away? I am a tangled weirdo? To me I am a stranger Small things circle bigger […]