Happiness is a fundamentally capitalist dream. Do I even need to say it? Buy the things, stay quiet, work, try not to think about the shitstorm we sit atop and the poor people we quietly fuck over every day. Follow dead dreams, stop feeling depressed, don’t kill yourself, smash all […]

Positivity is Not Altruism

It has been suggested that the public discourse on suicide and depression has stepped up a level upon the heartbreaking death of Robin Williams this week. I think that’s a reasonable call. There have been calls to take the guilt tripping and calls of selfishness out of the suicide lexicon, […]

The Bullshit Party When We Talk About Depression

It feels like fucking depression, that’s what. I came up in the world with the sense that there was something special about me in particular. To be fair, I was quite intelligent and very talented, racing ahead of my peers in terms of creative ability. They caught me pretty quick […]

What it Feels Like When That Gen Y Sense of ...

I think the most insidious element of misogyny is the tendency for self proclaimed ‘decent men’ to completely wipe their hands of the problem, blindly assuming that their good intentions have absolved them of any responsibility. So here’s the thing: YOU are totally responsible for misogyny. YOU are complicit, YOU […]

Boys, Take Responsibility For Misogyny