I am a dirt farmer I am a feral animal I am the robot martyr grey running out of control A blink already over I’m pre-decomposed I am a pointless failure or at best a pointless success It’s been a long hot cold fever dream now I stumble stupid into […]

Dirt Farmer

Every man? in his pocket? a bullet? with his name printed on it? and on his movements? it changes shape? darling you try? to get to sleep now Now we’re paralysed ?right in the middle? now we’re paralysed Tiny strands ?hang from your actions? ’til what you are? is just […]


You and I are? a crazy railroad ?hurtling? covered in a strange dirt? your awful brain ?synapse collapsing ?you are an idiot ?and so am I Each of us? your hand in my back? my hand in your back? we keep on walking One man or? the other? one man […]

One Man or the Other

Dark matter runs in my veins? everything gets further away ?real truth is an abstraction ?death is a strange future ?tiny black-holes steal my moods ?some memories live in my bones ?everything gets further away? I am a tangled weirdo? To me I am a stranger Small things circle bigger […]


Mirtazipine keep your eye on me keep your eye on me while I walk through here A present from the man protects us from the man Mirtazipine keep your hand on my shoulder keep your hand on my shoulder while I walk through here A present from the man protects […]


I see the truth everywhere now in every man’s confusion in a lit up young heart in the dark at night With your friends, in their fingers in your inherent strange a whole planet’s worth of pain for us to share Nobody wants to upset you they just want you […]

Every Made Up Eye in the City

I don’t know just how weird I’m gonna go I keep myself dumb sucking crumbs Just who are you and where are you going to? What’s wrong with your face and what’s wrong with your brain? What’s your deal man don’t look at me like that Who are you? where […]

Don’t Look at Me

Of course I’m a hypocrite I disagree with myself Of course I’m an idiot I’m just an animal Of course I’m a hypocrite I disagree with myself I disagree with myself I don’t want to be dumb and bored I don’t know anything Just a splatterand a glimpse and getting […]

I Disagree With Myself

Nights are getting cold now that’s the time for sharing the warmth that’s the time those old fears face the other way What even am I now that I’m not real I know that I am cold it must be hard to watch me turn around and around so far […]

Far From the Moment

My dreams are cliches, my dreams are selfish My brain is hellish, my brain is a mess the feral past, so vague and so vast but it’s the future that haunts me now I look good on paper, I look good on paper man I really thought that would be […]

Uppers and Downers