Positivity is Not Altruism

Happiness is a fundamentally capitalist dream. Do I even need to say it? Buy the things, stay quiet, work, try not to think about the shitstorm we sit atop and the poor people we quietly fuck over every day. Follow dead dreams, stop feeling depressed, don’t kill yourself, smash all your passion into something pointless and maybe give blood.

Happiness is akin to a complete endorsement of first world thuggery. We will grind your bones to make our phones. Sleep walking while the world dissolves. I don’t know how we all get through the day, let alone the night, with all this ill gotten shit in our houses. It takes a lot of money to be happy. We should all be so consumed by guilt and confusion that we spin around in circles. It’s the end game of hyper individualism and it’s not going to end well. The west’s policy of importing happiness and exporting misery will eat us all. To be happy is to say that what we’re doing is ok. It’s not.


Apologies for the brain splatter. I’ve gone wrong.



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