Uppers and Downers

My dreams are cliches, my dreams are selfish
My brain is hellish, my brain is a mess
the feral past, so vague and so vast
but it’s the future that haunts me now
I look good on paper, I look good on paper
man I really thought that would be enough
I look good on paper, I look good on paper
but now that just seems obsolete

talking talking, semantics again
arguments, words bend
You’re not moving, stuck to the floor
I’m not even here anymore
What is it now, coming down again
all the weird peace, all the racing hearts
and if I end up getting any more distant
pretty soon I won’t be anywhere at all

I get quantum
I get circuit heart

and if I keep on chasing
all the uppers with downers
all the downers with uppers
my heart will give in

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